Custom Handmade Carpets

Especially Woven for You

custom handmade carpets

An Introduction

Perfecting a place needs a display of unique and genuine talent and when it comes to carpeting the area, the process is nothing less than creating a work of art. At Carpet Crafts we give you an equal say in deciding what will look exceptional in your home or work area. All you have to do is dream and we will make it come true.

We work with our customers and it gives us utmost happiness when we are able to materialize their innovative designs. This not only give us job satisfaction but also expresses our dedication. We are willing to go to any extent to make your work place brighter and professional.

Skills and Ideas Unified

Our highly skilled artisans put in hours of labor for making custom handmade carpets that blends utility with artistic expression. Our skilled designers make extraordinary carpets and rugs according to the needs and demands of both private customers and business clients and not to forget the design community.

We like to present our clients with the freedom of choosing the shape, size, pattern, texture and colors of the custom handmade carpets and also deliver the project in a reasonable amount of time and budget. We keep our color palette fresh and designs according to the customers requirement to help you make your choices more wisely.

Our customers can also choose from the rugs in gallery and our online catalog and add on more details to it. You can suggest a change in the color combination according to your interiors. Our consultant will work closely with you to match the color arrangement.

Experience Speaks

We have been providing durable custom handmade carpets and rugs for many years and our previous customers can vouch for our commitment. Our experience in this industry enables us to create custom handmade and custom designed carpets and rugs according to your specifications. We can cover the most difficult and complex area with ease and clarity.

We use New Zealand wool and host of other wools from different parts of the world along with pure natural silks and many other fibers such as Viscose, bamboo silk, cotton etc to guarantee smoothness and long life of the carpet. With the flexibility to use numerous types of wools and other fibers, at carpet Crafts we create the most amazing and beautiful textures in custom handmade carpets and rugs with stand for both the Superior quality of our material and exceptional hard work.

We understand the importance of your work place and we guarantee to fill it with glamour and elegance.