Custom Designed Carpets

Freedom to Design

custom designed carpets

An Introduction

Have you ever wanted to decorate your living area according to your own taste? Or have a workplace designed with your perception. Sounds good? At Carpet crafts you can make this dream come true. Present your ideas to us via email or fax and we will custom design carpet or rug especially for you. One of its own kind. We specialize in the business of custom designed carpets and rugs.

When it comes to designing, sky is the limit. If you are exceptionally unique with your creation then be rest assured that we will be with ours. We can meet any of your requirements, be it of design or fabric. With custom designed carpets, you would feel more comfort and warmth as it will be your own hard and art work. It will add soul to your arena and you will feel a sense of ease around the clock. We believe in making anything possible for our clients.

Be Creative and We will Guide you

We want our customers to have the best of both the worlds. We give you the freedom to create and our specialized designers to mirror your work and materialize it. This process is innovative as you can decide not only what carpet can be placed where but also what the carpet will look like, what color combination will it have and whether the patch work would be at the center or at the corners etc.

Though this idea is new and refreshing, it can be a bit complicated too. Thus we present Custom designed carpets recommendations. You can visit us at any time at your convenience and we will provide you with a better understanding of our method to produce custom designed, custom handmade carpets and rugs. Also if you have any doubts, we can visit you too. We are there for you at any time or stage you need us.

Pocket Friendly Custom Designed Carpets

No. Making custom carpets does not mean a hole in your pocket. We understand how carpeting your house or office will add a majesty to the environment but we do not want it to be an unattainable desire, thus we offer a range of custom made carpets and rugs in variety of budget options to suite your requirement.