Contract Flooring

by Carpet Crafts

Contract Flooring

An Introduction

First impression is the last impression. We all have heard this saying. Apply this when it comes to your business. Make your working arena presentable so as to attract and sustain your customers.

Add a glamour quotient to your hotels, Palaces, Villa's or office etc. and a touch of professionalism to your schools, hospitals, conference rooms etc. With a perfect entrance, your customers will get assured of your services and your commitment. Stylize the entrance area of your property and create the perfect first impression.

Custom Handmade Contract flooring is a matter of pride and sophistication. It tells the other person about your taste and perception, about your creativity and your business model. Though this is surely a hard work to be done, we at Carpet Crafts guarantee to deliver perfection.

Experience that Speaks

With years of experience and specialization in the field of contract flooring, we guarantee a posh look for your work place. As leading flooring consultants, we offer you a wide range of flooring solutions to meet your needs, demands and budget. You can choose from handmade custom designed carpets and rugs, spread flooring, broadloom flooring that will to add flair and class to your working area.

We have been supplying custom handmade contract carpets to businesses all over the world. Hotels, Places, Villa's, resorts, offices, private homes and recreational centers have been our prime and satisfied customers. The choices we provide and the time frame we take to complete our work is both praised and valued.

Do not worry about the size of the project. We can handle anything from a single pc to a large project. For 14 years, we have done our part with dedication and precision be it a Hotel Banquet, rooms, corridor or spiral staircases. We will give you a blend of quality service with superior taste because we value every penny you spend.

The most complex projects will be perfectly treated and delivered by our team of professionals. The custom made carpets to meet the stringent requirements of the contract flooring will be done in a practical and resilient manner with keeping both effectiveness and efficiency in mind so as to provide low wear and tear resulting in lower maintenance cost.