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Contract Carpet

An Introduction

Carpet Crafts have been into this business for the last 14 years and along with parent company in India, its more than 25 years of business producing custom handmade contract carpets and rugs. It is only through quality products and craftsmanship that we have managed to come so far.

We know the importance of commercial and private spaces, we know how uniquely a carpet can adorn the arena. Thus we guarantee an experience of the lifetime.

Contract carpets have to be picked very carefully as they can give a complete change over to your house or business you have been waiting for. You can choose from the variety of options present or you can customize your own design, controlling the space you live or work in.

Wool + Nylon- The better combination

If you are carpeting an area where people come and go in large numbers on day to day basis then we advise you to pick carpets made of 80% wool + 20% Nylon. This is because of three reasons. Firstly, these carpets absorb dust and dirt making it difficult for the naked eyes to discover. Secondly, cleaning these carpets is comparatively an easy job. Thirdly carpets made of Wool + Nylon give a very smooth and royal look. They can actually work as the center pieces, the center of attraction in places like restaurants, hotels, pubs etc and withstand the highest of traffic Volume.

We care for you, therefore a free yet an amazing suggestion.

Just tell us what you Need

Plain or intricately designed, made up of wool or any other fiber , just name it and we will have the custom made carpet of your choice ready in no time. Carpets have to be designed according to the place and environment. Hotels, offices, casinos, palaces, Villas and independent homes etc. all places demand a different look that is complimented through contract carpets. We have educated professionals and designers who are eager to help you with choosing the products. Any shape, color or size you need, will be provided by Carpet Crafts. Also our team is quick in flooring and carpet installation where ever possible.

Make an impact with extraordinary custom designed and custom made, contract carpets. The unique outlines, the detailed and complex work and the dyed colors will fill you with awe. We are known for our perfection and commitment and we deliver each of our project, private or commercial with the same seriousness.