The Amazing Benefits of Wool

An Introduction

Wool is majorly used in the production of carpets. If you are thinking of placing a carpet or a rug either in your work place or house then, here are some facts and benefits of wool one must know.

Wool is a fabric reared majorly from sheep. It is the coat of the sheep, also known as fleece. It is through shearing that wool is separated from the body of the sheep. Wool is used in the textile industry because of various advantages. It is warm, comfortable and does not collect much dirt, keeping it clean for longer period of time. Also it can be dyed in any color thus making it easy to present variety in carpets by way of different designs in various color combinations.

The Benefits of Wool

Wool is a highly favorable fabric because its texture makes it easy to work with. Also presented below is a list of its advantages.

Firstly, it is fire retardant and if ever a person catches fire, a woolen blanket or rug is wrapped around his body to pacify the fire. Secondly, wool also keeps skin dry as it absorbs water and doesn’t let you feel wet and keeps your body sweat-free. Thirdly, the carpets produced from wool are noise-absorbing, giving you a peaceful environment and are also anti-static. Fourthly, it is resistant to bacteria thus making it hypo allergic. The natural fiber will keep you away from allergies. Fifthly, it is eco-friendly. It is completely biodegradable, thus adding no more to the environmental problems. You can also recycle it. Sixthly, even if kids fall on the rug, it will be harmless due to the softness of the fabric. Lastly and most importantly, it is a renewable resource. All you need are sheep.

The carpets made of wool are wrinkle-free too thus assuring a neat flooring. It will stay in shape and keep adding grandeur to your spaces. They are also stain resistant which means freedom from hours of house cleaning. It's elasticity makes it more durable and long lasting.

Decorate your Hotels, Palaces, Villa's, homes and offices with comfortable woolen carpets and enjoy the natural Luster.